no king is savedby having tall armiesno mighty manby great strength or the powerof a hundred horses you throw bright starsmaking patterns in heavenwhile angels laughand we play with creation,rejoice in your glory

Safe place

Hills stretch away into the beckoning distanceharsh and unknownintriguing and shapely I wander among themlooking for steep paths,that precise point where land gives wayreluctantly to sky touching the forgiving rocksthat beckon to me I am seduced, gone astray:I feel the…

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you lead me to pastureacross the soft sands whereI do not want to go where the water is not stillwhere tides flow in and outbut the pathway is right I see the pasture ahead,the island shaped just for mebeyond the…

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(for Mary Wilson) Out in the snowI hear Mary singing, keeping everything together as always –multiplying by three,then dividingwhile misty men threw ice balls from on high –so white, so dark So long ago, too,juggling in the far north, those cold, cold…

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Bodies make strangers of us as we age:we stoop, whisper, stumble and grow impatient quicklybut in our eyes the real soul lurks:unexpected snowflakes of wit Each one different, though:in my aunt’s face – unseen for years –suddenly my mother lives  She…

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